A Day in July …

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It was a beautiful morning today. First I spent some time in the presence of the Lord praying and reading His Word, then I exchanged some encouraging notes with Netha, a missionary friend of ours who is getting ready to move to Zambia to do full time mission work there.street soccer in Anaheim

Then I got a text from one of our supporters who heard about our need for a car.  Praise the Lord!  He told me that he felt that the Lord put it in his heart to help us with our car issue.  That’s wonderful news because our 20 years old Corolla is ready to break down any day now.

Then I got another text from a friend about his wife.  She fell last night and dislocated and fractured her left ankle in three places. He asked for prayers because his wife is the heartbeat of their home.  I called him and offered to cook and take dinner over to them.

As I was gathering my thoughts and adjusting my plans for the day Manuel, (names are changed for anonymity – and for our safety) one of our neighbors knocked on the door. I brought him in and offered him coffee but he explained that he didn’t need any coffee to get his blood pressure up.  He was asking me to help him with his son, Alvaro.  He is a young guy who is on meth along with his friends and keeps hanging out in his dad’s garage right across our entrance.  By the way, these are the guys who showed us a week ago that they will shoot us or cut our throats if we said, or did anything after they found out that Manuel complained to us about their meth addiction and criminal activities.  Alvaro was so high on meth last night that he lit up some fireworks inside their apartment damaging everything and endangering his two little babies.  Later he had no clue who did all that. As we walked over to their apartment Manuel proudly showed me that a family moved into his garage, helping him with the rent.  At their place I met Manuel’s friend, Edmundo who was helping him clean and paint after the explosion.  He was fluent in English so he helped my communication with Manuel.  He asked me if I knew about any good rehab program because after what happened last night it looked like Alvaro was willing to seek help.

I went home and wasn’t really sure what to do.  We just moved here, we don’t know much about the town and its resources, but people look to us for solutions.  I called my friend Kevin at another urban mission who told me about Anaheim Lighthouse where they refer their people with drug and alcohol problems.  Back to their house, gave them the info. They were going to try to find Alvaro and head over to the rehab facility with him. If he wasn’t ready yet, then they were planning to have an “intervention party” for him.

With that behind me I was heading to the grocery store to get the meat for the dinner I promised to cook for my friend’s family.  I had very little time left because of the practice I run on Monday nights.

Needless to say that I got nothing done from what was on my plan for the day, but it was a good day anyway.

J….esus – first,
O…thers – second and
Y…ou – third, … wait, no Y just yet   🙂


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