A Night with Games and Police Cars

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Last night around 8:30 we sat down to have dinner when 4 boys were knocking on our door.  I should say one was doing the knocking because the other three were already sitting and dangling their feet at our patio table.  They IMG_4240wanted to know if we would let the dogs out so they could play with them.  We did, but we knew that their visit was about more than just that.   When we asked if they were hungry, they answered with enthusiastic nodding.  We had some good cake left over from our lunch guests, so we cut some nice slices for them and sat out with them to talk.

It was dark already.  All of a sudden we heard some loud yelling and a few seconds later we saw blue and red lights and a police car flew past the left side of our patio. It was going so fast that I almost expected a big crash at the end of the ally because it is not long at all.  All of a sudden everyone fled.  Not just the boys, but the people who were sitting on the patios of the neighboring buildings.  Then we saw another police car and police men running around on the other side of our patio.  We were just standing there trying to understand what was going on when our neighbor signaled to us not to stand there but to go inside our apartment.  So we did.  And since one of the boys, Emilio got stuck there with us we brought him in too.

Emilio is a sweet little boy.  He always looks into our eyes with his large, brown eyes.  His face radiates openness, honesty and innocence, … but he rarely smiles.  He lives with his aunt and uncle and his two cousins in a room across our apartment.  We don’t know what happened to his parents.

Trying to lighten up the tension in the air, we started to play Hoppers with him, a logical game with frogs and Lilly pads.  He got into it surprisingly fast and enjoyed the challenge.  About half an hour past when we couldn’t hear any sound of trouble from outside, so we walked him home.  We asked our neighbor what happened earlier. She said the police was chasing a guy who was running from them with a gun.  She also told us that unfortunately some gang members just got out of jail and were back in the community.  This is not good news.


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