It’s Hard to Break the Cycle

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We got a call from Josh, our fellow missionary from our other community that one of our kids, a second grader, Alvaro might be taken away.  His mom just delivered her third baby, but because she is a meth addict the Child Protection Services took the baby and might take Alvaro and his little sister also.  The mom was on meth during the entire pregnancy.  We are not sure how the baby is.  She herself (with 11 other siblings!) was born to a mother who was also on drugs.  Her one arm is not developed, she can’t really use it, yet she was not able to stay off drugs during her pregnancy.

Alvaro is her oldest child.  He definitely has some issues with attention and comprehension.  He has a hard time sitting still, usually struggles through homework club.   Every day when he is finally done with his homework and receives his “Soccer Pass Card” he flies with it to the field behind the building to play soccer.  On the field he is a different child.  He is poised, focused and gets into the zone.  He shows natural ability and enjoys the game.  At prayer time he is one of those who likes to jump up into our neck and be held till we have to leave.  He is a sweet kid.  We SO hope that growing up he will have the inner strength to break the cycle.


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