Month: December 2015

Why I Believe All That Blah-Blah…

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A few years ago my Mom asked me how I could believe all that “blah-blah” in the Bible. Virgin birth, casting out demons, resurrection of the dead, Heaven and Hell – things an intelligent person who learnt that only what we can scientifically prove or rationally explain are real – should dismiss. My heart sank. I SO wanted her to open her mind at least a little to the view that had been held by millions throughout history and even by many leading scientists of our age, most of whom started out as atheists.

I told her about that overwhelmingly wonderful moment when the creator of the universe reached out to me, lifted up my chin, looked into my eyes and opened His mind to me. He revealed to me who He was:  the God of the Bible, which was His true and living word and His personal message to me, to us.  He gave me a most amazing and indescribable glimpse into His mind which I can only put into words like “seeing and understanding the entire universe for a moment that for me lasted much longer than a moment”.  I have never experienced such sharply brilliant beauty, such an overwhelming joy of understanding and such intense LOVE.  Without audible words He told me He loved me and wanted me to belong to Him. I don’t have the right words to express any part of this experience, but it was like I was surrounded by and floating in this beautiful space filled with the most amazing starlight which was His LOVE … for me, … for us.  I of course became His child and my heart was overflowing with gratitude and joy.

When it was over and I was “back in my human mind”, I couldn’t explain it but I was a new person. I could no longer see the world the same way as before. “Reality” completely changed for me. No one could explain this away. This single experience of my life was much more REAL than anything else I’ve lived through. Everything else I understood with and through my own human mind. But this I understood by having given a glimpse into God’s mind. It was an altogether different level of understanding reality.

How I wish I could convince  everyone that there IS a spiritual world that we can’t see, can’t prove, can’t explain, – nevertheless it is there and it is REAL. That there IS a God, the creator of everything, from whom we all are separated by our fallen human nature.  A God who loves us and wants us to seek Him, long for Him, open our hearts to Him, pray to Him and reconcile our relationship with Him so after our earthly life ends we can be with HIM in the most wonderful spiritual realm. I SO want everyone to understand that there IS a devil who fights God and his goal is to make sure that as many people as possible will not believe in God and the existence of the spiritual world, so they will never reconcile with God and thus their soul will be casted down to the realm where he will be. Hollywood’s depiction of hell and its demons is scary but the real place and the evilness of its creatures are much more horrific.

If you have just one tiny opening in your mind and heart for God, He will keep reaching out to you. All you need to do is saying “yes” with a full heart. And though not everyone’s conversion experience is the same as mine, once it happens and He changes your heart, you will KNOW. You will KNOW that He exists, He loves you and you belong to Him.

For several years I had long conversations about all this with my Mom. Sometimes she took it with angry rejection, sometimes with somewhat polite frustration. The pain of not being able to get through to her made me cry often after hanging up with her. I have to admit that a few times I gave up on her, but my love for her didn’t let me leave it at that.

One morning at her age of 82 three weeks before she passed away she called me all excited. It happened to her: suddenly everything I said made sense to her. SHE SAW THE LIGHT! As I listened to her I knew she was a whole new person full of excitement, joy and hope because she knew God! My joy was overwhelming!  … And soon she went home to be with her new Lord.

I ask you, please open your heart, your mind just a tiny bit, … that maybe … just maybe … this is all true: God exists and the Bible IS His true word, His message to us. And although nowadays it is very unpopular to say anything like this, it does not change the fact that if God says that Jesus is the only way, … then Jesus IS the only way.