Almost One Year

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We are approaching the end of our first year serving in our 3 small communities.  With continuous prayers and the Lord’s blessings we achieved that people know us and accepted us.  We learnt a lot during these past 11 months about urban ministry.  We now see the various effects of people’s cultural heritage and family situation on their developing identity, on their outlook on life and on their chances to break out of a cycle of crime and poverty.  When we moved in here we were on fire for the Lord and felt that we could change the world for the better.  Our fire is now more like red, burning charcoal and we feel to be much smaller.  We now know that WE cannot achieve anything, only HE can.  Our best is to be available, pray and discern His will, be obedient and act in bold faith.  We now see people’s needs here more clearly and the obstacles we face when we try to impact their lives.  We need to better focus our efforts on sharing the Gospel and trust God’s Word to do what only HE can do: work in people’s heart.  Please pray that instead of falling into the trap of trying to help them with all their problems, we will focus on talking to them about Christ and His love for us.  Please pray for:

  • The successful organization of regular prayer walks in all three neighborhoods
  • The development of a small community field in two of our neighborhoods
  • Protection from evil for the three neighborhoods, for the other missionary couple (Josh and Adriana) and for us.

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