Easter Reminder

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This Saturday, before Easter Sunday we wanted to have a chance to remind everyone of the meaning of Easter in our small Anaheim neighborhood.  So we grilled some hot dogs, played some Christian music and gave away some toys and kids’ clothes to anyone who came by.  And every visitor also got a bilingual brochure with the salvation message and a small Book of John in Spanish.  …The first person to come over early in the morning to get some toys for his kids was actually one of the young guys from the gang who threatened us soon after we moved here.  He came over with a big smile and left with some toys for his toddlers and the salvation message.  We made friends.  He and one of the other toughest guys also say hi to us kindly lately.  I’m glad, but I still feel a little “iffy” sometimes.  I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t…  The kids of course stayed to play till late afternoon. We talked about God, Jesus, Easter, creation and resurrection. God is good!

– Agnes

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