Camping at Calicinto Ranch

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At the end of March I had the privilege to serve as a counselor to a group of boys from our three neighborhoods who also participate in programs run by Lot 318, another organization we often work together with.  They were able to arrange for a three day long trip for the kids to the wonderful Calicinto Ranch and needed some help.  The kids were full of excitement and anticipation.

I thought I had it all figured out: they will be happy and overwhelmed by all the new experiences and I will be worn out by trying to keep them calm.  I was right with the first part, but totally wrong about my own experience.

DSC07407 (1)DSC07434 (1)

Their sheer joy for all the activities we have done together, or for the most simple things such as having their own bed to sleep in at night humbled me and touched me so deeply that I hadn’t anticipated.  Seeing their faces as they learnt songs about Christ and as they sang it again and again and they slowly realized the meaning of the lyrics was so wonderful.  I know it was just three days, but I’m sure they all will have moments they will remember for a long time.  …I surely will.
– Csaba

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