Homework Club

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Every weekday afterIMG_4309noon except Friday we help the kids to do their homework.  This is so very important because most of their parents don’t speak English so they can’t help them at all.  Most of these kids started school not speaking a word of English themselves either and just picked it up as they went.  If they have questions, if they don’t understand something, their parents can’t explain it to them so they fall behind.  Needless to say they also need someone to tell them to sit down and actually DO their homework.  We pack the tables and chairs out in front of the apartment buildings (thanks to the year-round good weather in California) and pack it all away when we are done.

After homework is done the kids can let some of their energies out on the little dirt field behind the buildings by playing some soccer.  We also pray with them.
– Csaba

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