Just Another Afternoon

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We had SOOO many kids on our patio this afternoon that even though I had somewhere else to be I couldn’t leave Csaba here alone with them. Even the two of us were not really enough to satisfy all their need for attention. We played cards, we played connect four, challenged their brains for hours with a new toy where they built channels for marbles – used to be one of our kids most favorite game – and watched 5 helicopters circling over our heads, guessing together what we will see on the news.


They just left. Everything is dirty, sticky and we both are totally worn out but God is good.  We were able to talk to them about J. O. Y. (Jesus first, Others second and You last). We taught them not to break off the heads of the flowers bc the bees make honey out of the pollen (hence the sticky mess of honey tasting), took them apart when they were fighting and took them off the top of the parking cars when they started chasing each other.  It was just another afternoon on our patio when the Lord blessed us with an opportunity to show His love to them.
– Agnes

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