Month: March 2017

Bible Heroes in Pictures. . .

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When kids don’t just memorize the verses but draw pictures about them and retell the story they understand and retain them better.  Here are a few of the cutest pictures:


Bible Champions of the Cypress Street Community

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These ten kids pictured above are the current Bible Champions of their community.  Through heartfelt reading, reciting and drawing pictures of our Bible Heroes (such as Noah, Abraham, Joseph and a few others), these kids collected the most points in a wide-spread contest.  This is our second year going and while in the first year their instant weekly rewards were healthy snacks and food certificates, we made a change.  During the first half of the second year, which has spanned from early October till the end of January of 2017, they collected points as their rewards.  They then redeemed those points for art supplies of their choice.