“… but the workers are few”

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More or less diligently … every week our students complete their HW packets from Monday through Thursday.  Around here schools slam several pages of HW on the kids on Monday and the completed work is due on Friday. Having spent a little over two full school years in our HW Club, I believe that this method of teaching is not the most conducive to learning – especially not for our kids in the barrio.

The truth is that each of these children would need an individual tutor if they wanted to learn the material to a satisfactory level and neither we nor their families can provide that help for them.  We help them with a few other volunteers around the always noisy tables, as 3-4 kids constantly talking over each other asking questions from us while we are explaining something to the fifth one. 

It is an extreme feat of brain work from our part trying to concentrate on a second grader’s math problem while helping a fourth grader with a social studies question, telling two others to wait for their turn and making sure another kid’s little sister doesn’t swallow an eraser.  The need is enormous… We help as much as we can but it often seems so little.  Yet, it is all worth it when we see the small improvements, the consistency, the motivation for wanting to become better, the joy of completion of a task or achievement of something they thought they could never do.  Some of their mothers who don’t speak any English, they sit there every day and look at us with such thankful expression in their eyes, … and some are never around.  But the kids are always here.  And even though they don’t like homework, somehow they know that we are here for them.  –  We are so glad that we can be here.

“Then Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”  (Matthew 9:37 NIV)

Please, pray with us and for us to have the continuous zeal to tackle, ease, and solve this problem!

– Csaba

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