Csaba Feher


I was born in Budapest, Hungary.  I was 9 when I lost my mother to cancer.  My dad in his devastation poured himself into his work.  My grandpa, a sports news writer, wanted to make sure I didn’t spend too much time alone, so he took me to a club and signed me up for soccer.  I wasn’t one of the top recruits, but with hard work, perseverance and passion I became a solid defender.  Later that experience and some added skills made it possible for me to become a crafty attacker who knew exactly how defenders were thinking and could use that knowledge against them.   But what’s more important, after some joyful years of playing I realized my strong calling and talent for coaching.

I moved to the United States with my wife and small children at the end of 1989 and started to coach soon after that.  I coached kids in every age group, both genders and at all levels of competition: from travel through club, state and regional ODP, high school and college.  I also taught clinics and license courses for coaches.  (You can find my partial coaching resume here.)

It is my greatest joy to invest my time, full attention and God-given talent  into the lives of players and coaches with whom the Lord brings me together on and off the field within the context of this wonderful game.