Coaching soccer is so much more than teaching the game. Anyone who spent half an hour with kids on the field must have realized that coaching is one of the greatest opportunities to impact a growing person’s character. With this opportunity comes great responsibility. A great coach can influence a child to develop good work habits, self-discipline, a healthy self-confidence and respect toward team mates and opponents.  S/he can help kids develop a passion for a sport and a healthy life style; all of which can turn a person’s life toward a very positive direction. On the other hand, a coach who does not care can destroy an otherwise talented child’s interest for a sport and can give them the message that they can’t succeed in anything.

It doesn’t matter if you coach 3 year olds, or 18 year olds, they will look up to you. Some will only want you to show techniques, tactics of the game and good sportsmanship.  Others will look to you for guidance for off-the-field matters and will search for a mentor, even a father- or mother- figure in you. Showing the best possible example on and off the field to them and helping them bring out the best of themselves should be the goal of all coaches.

In the context of urban sports ministry a coach can fill many important roles.  Belonging to a group, a team shows kids the value of honesty, integrity, sacrifice, hard work and commitment.  Playing together helps them learn how to trust each other and how to be trustworthy, gives them encouragement to dare to dream and to have goals.  This site is also our Blog, documenting our everyday life, struggles and joys living in L.A. as Christian urban soccer-missionaries.

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