Ping-Pong Club – instead of “Hanging”

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We got a used but wonderful ping-pong table through a friend of ours.  So when the sun doesn’t beat down on our patio making it too hot to bear we set it up and invite all the older boys we can to play.  It wasn’t easy at first, but with consistency and with our friend, Chuck’s help it has become more popular every week.


Leaving soon for Budapest…

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CLICK HERE to watch a video about one part of our trip!  (audio: Beloved by Jordan Feliz) (SORRY, it is not iOS compatible.)

If you get a black screen, please go to:  https://photopeach.com  and click on the grey rectangle on the right to get Flash for your PC.

Bible Heroes in Pictures. . .

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When kids don’t just memorize the verses but draw pictures about them and retell the story they understand and retain them better.  Here are a few of the cutest pictures:


Bible Champions of the Cypress Street Community

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These ten kids pictured above are the current Bible Champions of their community.  Through heartfelt reading, reciting and drawing pictures of our Bible Heroes (such as Noah, Abraham, Joseph and a few others), these kids collected the most points in a wide-spread contest.  This is our second year going and while in the first year their instant weekly rewards were healthy snacks and food certificates, we made a change.  During the first half of the second year, which has spanned from early October till the end of January of 2017, they collected points as their rewards.  They then redeemed those points for art supplies of their choice.

Becoming Gospel Messengers

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The Mission Committee of our home-church in Pittsburgh, the Allegheny Center Alliance Church has approved us as Gospel Messengers!  ACAC commissions and supports a group of missionaries year round and we are blessed to belong to that group.  Prayerfully and financially they are standing behind us as we follow the Lord’s lead in the mission field domestically in Los Angeles and also in Hungary.  They are our sending church and our true church family whose love and prayers continue to cover us wherever we are.  Thank you Lord for your faithfulness, provisions and continuous encouragement!

Homework Club

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Every weekday afterIMG_4309noon except Friday we help the kids to do their homework.  This is so very important because most of their parents don’t speak English so they can’t help them at all.  Most of these kids started school not speaking a word of English themselves either and just picked it up as they went.  If they have questions, if they don’t understand something, their parents can’t explain it to them so they fall behind.  Needless to say they also need someone to tell them to sit down and actually DO their homework.  We pack the tables and chairs out in front of the apartment buildings (thanks to the year-round good weather in California) and pack it all away when we are done.

After homework is done the kids can let some of their energies out on the little dirt field behind the buildings by playing some soccer.  We also pray with them.
– Csaba