Being a former jeweler, a few years ago I started to make Disciple’s Crosses in my studio.  I give it away to friends, use it as a part of our outreach program and give it to new supporters who sign up for regular, monthly donation to become a part of our mission.  These necklaces and key rings are also available for purchase in almost any color, single, two, or tricolor combinations, in your Team colors, School colors, Birthstone color, Holiday colors,  Patriotic colors – any color.



These crosses are made of three distinct components: a simulated leather cord, wires, and nails.

The cord represents the whips that were used to beat Jesus; the wires remind us of the crown weaved from thorn branches to mock Him; and the nails symbolize the spikes that were driven into the hands and feet of our Savior.




For our mission’s supporters they are free.

Otherwise you can order them for:

1-10 pieces …. $10 each

11 & up ………. $8 each

Please indicate your color choices when you submit your order by sending an e-mail to csabaf2013@gmail.com

Thank You and God bless!


Available colors (and any combination):






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