Ball circulation


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Step 1
30 x 30 grid
12 players (4 blues, 4 purples, 4 reds) are randomly passing around with 6 balls.
Players with the ball are looking for open team mates, and players without the ball looking to connect for receiving a pass. Coach must have extra soccer balls and a good view for the whole grid.

1st Restriction: everyone must be on the move and the ball can never stop; it can only change direction.

(Coaching points are marked with ->)

->first touch to space or toward support – the player receiving the ball has to have an idea
->prepare body position according to that idea – early action will ensure smooth ball circulation


Step 2
30 x 30 grid
Coach must have extra soccer balls and a good view of the whole grid.
12 players with one ball are playing a Three Teams Possession game
(4 blues and 4 purples vs. the 4 reds creating an all time 8v4 scenario).
Whichever team loses possession to another or plays the ball out of bounce, becomes the defending team (e. g.: if a purple player loses the ball to the reds, now the purples defend while the reds join the blues and create a new group of 8 attacking players). 1st Restriction and all coaching points are in effect. Start out with a free flowing 8v4.

2nd Restriction: the player receiving the pass can’t pass it back to the server. He/she must pass it to a third player. We are now looking for the third player on the move. This tiny adjustment will facilitate movements with and without the ball, thus moving as a team from one place to another.

-> point out the visual cue: when A passes to B, C in the same time is already on the move to support B; then while B passes to C, D is already on the move, and so on . . .

3rd Restriction: the 8 attacking players must alternate colors as they pass the ball among themselves (blue – purple – blue – purple . . .)

4th Restriction: limited touches on the ball. 3 then 2 touches on the ball allowed.

-> first touch,  body position, idea


Step 3
30 x 30 grid
4 reds collectively apply greater pressure on the 8 attackers, thus forcing them to think and play faster.

-> constant movements off the ball will ensure higher number of short and long supports