The Fehers


My wife and I came to the US in 1989 from Hungary as political refugees and settled  down in Pennsylvania to start a new life.  The Lord drew both of us to Himself and guided our steps along the way.  He gave us three great kids and a life that was never easy, but always blessed.

From my early years I loved to play soccer and here in the US I discovered my passion and God given talent for coaching and mentoring. For the past 28 years I have been coaching kids of all ages (from 4 year olds to college age), of both genders, at all levels (travel, club, high school, college and the Olympic Development Program at the state and regional levels).  I also had the opportunity to teach and mentor several hundreds of novice coaches during coaching license courses.  Our kids were great, our life was good and fulfilling, … but suddenly God had another plan for us.

A few years ago suddenly everything changed.  Our family was struck by one disaster after another.  While losing almost everything we were trying to hold onto for our security and purpose we went through extreme trials but also a tremendous growth.  Sometimes almost kicking and screaming from the lessons the Lord put us through, slowly we realized that He was teaching us to rely only on Him and was calling us to serve Him as missionaries.  Right around that time He brought me together with the Southern California Seahorses, a division of Missionary Athletes International.  Their need for someone exactly like me and countless hours spent in prayer confirmed it to all of us that it was the Lord who guided us together.

Faces1In February of 2015 we gave up our house in Pittsburgh that was home for our family for 22 years, drove across the country and rented a small apartment in a very low income, all-Hispanic, gang infested area of Los Angeles to develop an Urban Outreach program for the Seahorses.  Since we moved here our days have been scheduled around the clock: we live where we serve; our job is never done.  We help the kids with their homework daily, teach them Bible verses, play soccer with them on the street, in the park, and on a dirt field behind the houses.  We take them to places where otherwise they would never be able to go and we create activities for them so they don’t spend all their time just hanging around.  We try to be available at all times for everyone.  Our main concern is that these kids get recruited by the local gang to become drug runners and later on gang members.  We try to show them that God loves them and has another, better plan for their lives.

During the first two years with the Seahorses I also ran week-long soccer/Bible camps in the summer, weekend clinics during the school year and went to a mission trip to a Mexican orphanage.  Coaching and mentoring college-age Christian players in our men’s and women’s teams and seeing how they grew in their faith has also been a great privilege and blessing for me.  At the end of our second year serving in LA we felt the Lord’s call to extend our ministry to work also with Muslim and Roma families in Hungary.  We now work with Ripe For Harvest, the organization that allows us to do both: urban ministry here on our backyard and also in Hungary.  Our goal is to reach more and more kids and families every year with the message of the love of Christ right here in our country and internationally.

Agnes works full time outside the ministry but she helps with the ministry as much as she can.  Our work is supported by our beloved ACAC and by donations from people who feel that telling these kids about Christ and showing His love to them is important.  Please consider supporting us!  Any donation, even the smallest, one time amount is truly appreciated.  But if you can, please stand with us with regular monthly donations, which is what sustains our work.  We could not do any of this without the generosity of people like you!  Please pray for our ministry and consider donating to us.  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “The Fehers

    Bob Dawson said:
    December 16, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Hi Csaba and Agnes, I have spent the past hour reading your blog and all I can say is wow! I am very happy for you and proud of you for the work and dedication you have. I miss our long talks and you friendship but very happy to see you have found a calling and both of you are involved. I think of you often and hope you are living what you are doing. Anne and Bobby

      csabaf responded:
      December 19, 2016 at 5:19 pm

      Thank you guys 🙂 We are truly blessed. Miss Pittsburgh with its hills, valleys and beautiful greenery. We miss you guys and all our friends. Hope to visit soon. 🙂

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